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John Moore gives businesses Second Opinions. He also Speaks, Blogs, and Writes on building fanatical brand devotion.

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The Love Languages of Amazon and Whole Foods

Just because Amazon and Whole Foods speak different love languages doesn’t mean their impending marriage is setup to fail. However, it does mean they will need to communicate often and the partnership will need to be open to change.
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Friction ain’t Fiction

FRICTION will inspire you to use empathy as a strategic driver when designing your next marketing program that doesn’t just sell a product but rather, shows how a product will enhance one’s life.
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People, not Products. Information, not Data.

"The entrepreneur thinks their business is about the product or service they are selling. As soon as they hire one person, it becomes about people and people serving people." -- Howard Behar
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The Rules of Social Media Haven’t Changed

I stumbled upon a decade old video of me talking about how businesses can better use social media to connect more meaningfully with people. That was a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away. But not that far away. The rules I shared ten years ago still ring true today.
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