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John Moore gives businesses Second Opinions. He also Speaks, Blogs, and Writes on building fanatical brand devotion.

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The Container Store Hiring Philosophy

One of the most successful retail businesses that grew from a single shop into a much loved and highly profitable multi-unit concept is The Container Store. The business began in 1978 by selling all sorts of boxes, bins and doodads
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Bad Profits = Unprofitable Relationships

Customers that feel abused from nickel and diming practices might do business with you once and only once. Stringing together bad profit one-night stands with customers is sure to come back to haunt your business and lead to unprofitable relationships which will undermine the long-term success of your business.
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Talking Word of Mouth Marketing

For word of mouth to happen, someone needs to gain some knowledge from either personal experience, or through conversations, or directly from the brand. The best way to deliver word of mouth information is through stories.
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Hiring Fantastic People

Retail operators know better than anyone that the people you hire are the most important part of your business. Your competitors can replicate your products and programs but they cannot replicate your people. It’s your people who live and breathe your company culture.
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