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John Moore gives businesses Second Opinions. He also Speaks, Blogs, and Writes on building fanatical brand devotion.

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Branding Made Easy

The headline is misleading. Branding isn’t easy but it can be made easy. How? By being simple. Yes, simple.
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Beyond Thinking Different to Doing Different

Bruce Mau is a designer, thinker, articulator, and massive change provocateur. In 1998, at a conference for design-types, he shared 43 quick-hit ideas ripe for rumination to inspire people to go beyond thinking different to doing different.
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Business Wisdom from Chuck D

“Before people buy from you, they’ve got to buy into you.” — Chuck D
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People Still Buy Things in Stores

According to US Census data, the total amount of retail dollars Americans are expected to spend this year is approximately $4.5T. That’s $4.5 trillion retail dollars spent in physical places (stores, restaurants, etc.) and in digital spaces (online, mobile, etc.).
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