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John Moore gives businesses Second Opinions. He also Speaks, Blogs, and Writes on building fanatical brand devotion.

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Passion Starts at the Start

In late October I spoke to a roomful of restaurant marketers and shared a little known story about Whole Foods Market. This story has become a Whole Foods company campfire tale and for good reason... it's a story that helped to shape the culture of the company in its early days.
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Build Bridges Between Old Employees and New Employees

As businesses grow, so does the need to hire more people to handle the increasing workload. Eventually all growing companies face the situation of needing to combine the talents and perspectives of long-time (old-school) employees with those of recently hired (new-school) employees.
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My Life Changed 20 Years Ago

It was October of 1994, twenty years ago, when the trajectory of my life changed.
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Plato. Purpose. Profits.

The ancient philosopher Plato made significant contributions to humankind. His philosophical fingerprints can still be felt today in how we think about mathematics, science/nature, morals, politics and the arts. Perhaps it’s time we add “brand strategy” to the long list of contributions Plato has made to civilization.
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