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Authors as Helpers

Seth Godin has a must-read post today on Advice for Authors. If you are thinking of writing or in the throes of wring a book … READ SETH’S POST.

Yeah know, when I began the process of writing TRIBAL KNOWLEDGE, I purposely reached out to other business writers and asked them for their advice. All of the advice these writers kindly shared was instrumental in helping me make TRIBAL KNOWLEDGE happen. Some of the more notable advice I received included …

Dan Pink on writing a better business book
“Most business books aren’t very good. The reason is generally that they don’t have very much to say. So don’t pad. Don’t add filler. Your publisher will thank you for saving them money on paper and your readers will thank you for not wasting your time.”

Lior Arussy on writing the book
“Be yourself. Write from your heart. Don’t copy any formula. Be true to yourself. Write the book you are most passionate about. Trust that everything else will fall into place. Write the book you’d want to buy and learn from.”

John Winsor on what good business books are
“A good business book is a portal for learning.”

Nettie Hartsock on what I needed to do in order to actually write TRIBAL KNOWLEDGE
“Stop reading business books. Start writing YOUR business book.”

For me, Nettie’s wise words rang true as they helped me to understand how I was using the excuse of needing to read business books as a form of resistance to writing my business book. And the understanding of my need to overcome the self-sabotaging power of “resistance” came from Dan Pink recommending I read Steven Pressfield’s THE WAR OF ART. But I should warn ya … reading THE WAR OF ART has the potential to change your life. Trust me. It is way powerful stuff not to be taken lightly.

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  • Lewis Green says:

    I like Nellie’s advice, as well. I made my living as a free-lance writer for six years and during that time I wrote four books. Writers write, wannabes read to learn how and never do. By the way, I have written my first business book, which my agent is now shopping around. Wish me luck (and patience).