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Unboxing the Wall Street Journal


Gadget geeks get their kicks unboxing the latest gizmos. (Seriously, people are doing this.) So … watch as this business geek, me, gets his kicks unboxing the redesigned Wall Street Journal.

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  • Chris Herbert says:

    Great “review” of WSJ! How was the reading experience? Did you find your favourites and were they presentable, readible? Were you compelled to read more articles based on the layout and flow of content?

  • Chris … I’m stil getting used to the redesign of the paper so it’s too early to fully comment on my “reading experience.”While the look and the feel of the paper has changed, the writing hasn’t changed. And that’s a good thing as the WSJ is a very well written paper.Now, I do think the “In Summary” boxes for key articles is good and bad. Good in that I can quickly pick-up on the article’s key takeaways. Bad in that I am skipping articles based upon how compelling (or non-compelling) the “In Summary” boxes are.Gotta admit though … the smaller size makes the paper “feel” less substantial. The WSJ has always been a “big” paper with its wide columns. It’s bigness made it seem more worthy, more informative, and more special.When I hold the paper in my hands now, it lacks that “bigness” quality. It doesn’t feel as substantial. However, all the news and information is still there. They haven’t skimped on content in making the paper skimpier.Because they haven’t compromised on content, just compromised the size of the paper … I’m sure this “less substantial” feeling will pass in time.

  • Very nice John. Looks like it might be worth picking up the new print edition just to kick the tires myself.

  • The WSJ is my favorite, although I haven’t been reading the paper much lately.But you’ve motivated me. I’ve got today’s paper in hand, a good bottle of wine, and the kids and wife are asleep!Tire kicking time as Phil says

  • Terri Clayborn says:

    Just so you know, there is a site that somehow gives free access to WSJ articles: can see WSJ articles on their site: