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Bake it or Make it. (Just Don’t Fake it.)

Jay Ehret (@TheMarketingGuy) and I recently talked Word-of-Mouth Marketing on his Power to the Small Business podcast. I had on my WOM Enthusiast hat and talked about how there are two ways to generate word of mouth … You can bake it. Or you can make it. (You just don’t want to fake it.)

A little explanation is needed.

Word of Mouth is baked inside how a company does business every day. Baking it follows the thinking that a company’s personality is its best form of advertising.

Baking It examples include: [1] remarkable product (iPod); [2] over-the-top customer service (Zappos); [3] awesome customer experiences (Southwest Airlines “Porch” pop-up lounge concept) ; enabling interesting conversations (HP’s 31 Days of the Dragon).

Full explanation can be learned by listening to the podcast.


  • pua says:

    Interesting dynamic to the axiom “fake it til you make it”

  • Amy says:

    Being a baker as well as an entrepreneur, I really like this article. However, I can’t agree with your “interesting advertising” example – those Subway ads are annoying. The Dos Equis ads are much more interesting. 🙂

  • Amy … at least the Subway spots earn an opinion from people. Some people, like yourself, find the spots annoying but enough people find them interesting enough for that jingle to become a part of today’s popular culture. Dig?

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