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THIS MATTERS NOW (and tomorrow)


Seth Godin asked 70 people to choose a provocative word and riff. Seth compiled the short essays into an ebook titled, WHAT MATTERS NOW. You’ll recognize many of the contributors. Hopefully, you’ll be inspired by their contributions to make your best contribution in 2010.

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Enjoy and share with others.

My contribution is titled, SACRIFCICE. It’s on page 62. It’s also below…



  • great contribution, john — i couldn’t agree with you more.i fear, though, that many companies are too desperate and afraid to sacrifice these days — i’m hoping to assemble some solid case studies (with $s to quote) of companies that have done particularly well in the downturn because of their sacrifices — do american apparel and costco qualify? are there others you’d recommend?

  • Your page was the pick of the ebook for me. I’ve blogged on it today as it links back to a discussion I’d been having with others in an industry forum recently. Thanks!

  • Denise … very few companies are thriving in this downturn. I would call it a success if companies survive to thrive again when the upswing comes back. Since Costco is public, we know they aren’t reporting as good of sales as they had hoped. A bad sign for Costco is they are rumored to be raising their yearly membership fee as an easy revenue generator.Martin … thanks for blogging about my “sacrifice” essay, glad you found it worthwhile.

  • P.P. says:

    Thank you John, this is a great contribution… keep up the good work. I also appreciate your response to denise, as I had a few of the some questions floating around in my head.

  • geno says:

    John, I just re-read your sacrifice essay… great stuff. Your point on Costco going deep but shallow, gets into many conversations you and I have had about going deep into a brands experience with their employees and customers.I think the interesting thing about Sacrifice is in the examination… to make that sacrifice.Hope that makes sense.

  • Tracy says:

    A very enlightening article!Tracy, Status Now