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John Mayer on Fallback Plans

Anybody who tells you to have a fallback plan are people who had a fallback plan, didn’t follow their dreams, and don’t want you to either.” — John Mayer



  • Amanda says:

    Very interesting quote! Thanks for posting.

  • Tracy Geier says:

    While I do not usually agree with the comments John Mayer makes, I think this quote from him could be pretty accurate. Unfortunately, as they say, misery loves company in many instances. While I have not yet followed all my dreams, I am happy to say I have followed many and have usually worried about a plan B later. Fortunately I have always made it work without any major repercussions and am all the happier for it.

  • Tracy Em says:

    As a parent, I would say he’s wrong. Wrong. Wrong. Wrong. It’s about how you frame it when talking with a young person (which of course may be different than what he is talking about). I will say to my daughter, what are your options? Meaning, okay, your burning desire is to be the Pope. Say this doesn’t work out – because of circumstances beyond your control. So, let’s identify some options so you can keep your momentum going. How about nun? Mother Superior? RC Agitator Extraordinarie? Have I told her to find a fallback plan? I think not. I think I’ve taught her to keep finding the way forward.

  • Al says:

    This in the anthropic principal in action. “I didn’t have a backup plan and look at me. So that must be a universal guiding principal”

    So for the kids who lived by this credo and now display their fading tattoos at Guitar Center and Home Depot…I guess they just didn’t want it as much as John did.

    John Mayer is a self-satisfied ass who maybe has every right to be one. But let’s not pretend that the self-diagnoses of lucky/successful people are prescriptions for children or constitute great life lessons.