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Episode #10 | Talkable is Comical

The Talkable Brand video series continues…

Episode #10 | Talkable is Comical

In this episode, you’ll learn comical marketing messages can breakthrough advertising clutter and break into the everyday conversations we have with our friends and friends of friends.


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Humor sparks conversations. The pass-along nature of humor is irrefutable.

We all tell jokes. We all tell jokes that someone has told us. And the jokes we’ve been told have been told by others in the past and will be told by others in the future.

Humor is a social lubricant. It’s used to begin conversations and extend conversations.

With humor, friends become friendlier. They become more interesting, likeable, and trustworthy. We form bonds with people through laughter.

Humor is also used to make awkward situations less awkward and it’s used to make serious situations less serious.

With humor, life becomes easier to live.

And with humor, marketing can become more effective.

According to a 1993 Journal of Marketing study
, humor, when used in advertising, “is more likely to enhance recall, evaluation, and purchase intention” from consumers.

However, the study issues a caveat for us marketers. Humor in advertising works best when it meets these three criteria: 1, the “humorous message coincides with ad objectives.” 2, the humor “is well-integrated with those objectives.” and 3, it “is viewed as appropriate for the product category.”

When marketers use comedy effectively in advertising, it is more likely to garner consumer attention, increase recognition, improve persuasiveness, and overcome buying resistance.

Humor also increases the pass-along nature of a marketing message.

Most advertising that is talkable is comical. Nearly every Super Bowl commercial we see tries to use humor to get us talking. It can be argued companies spend their millions on Super Bowl advertising not to sell us stuff but rather, to get us talking about their stuff.

Statistics from the Keller Fay Group indicate, “brands which advertise in the Super Bowl are rewarded with a 15% increase in word of mouth [conversations].” That 15% increase, according to Keller Fay, “translates into more than 100 million more incremental conversations for advertised brands in the week after the [Super Bowl].”

It’s funny how funny sells.

Comical marketing messages can breakthrough advertising clutter and break into the everyday conversations we have with our friends and friends of friends. Being comical can make a brand more talkable.

The Talkable Brand video series will help you to strategically think about ways to make your brand, your business worthy of word of mouth. Every Tuesday on the Brand Autopsy blog a new episode will premiere giving you knowledge and a nudge. Knowledge being interesting information. The nudge being compelling motivation to make the information happen. The result, I hope, is helping you make brands more talkable.

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