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article | Becoming a Talkable Brand


I’ve been yapping for years about the importance word of mouth marketing plays in helping brands become endearing to customers and to achieve long-lasting success. Most of the presentations I’ve given since 2005 have included some element of how to make word of mouth marketing happen.

Throughout this year, I’ve been sharing video ditties on what it takes to become a talkable brand. And in the coming years, I’m sure I’ll be singing from the same hymnal praising the virtues of becoming a talkable brand.

An article I wrote for the Baylor Business Review magazine (Spring 2012) sums up my approach to getting customers talking. Here’s the money quote from the article:

Businesses do not decide what customers talk about. Customers make those decisions. Because those decisions are up to customers, it’s crucial for businesses to give customers reasons to talk at every customer touchpoint.”

The article is stacked with more money quotes. Enjoy the read (.pdf)

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