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The Power of Follow-Through

I’m a Jackie Huba fan. Been one since late 2002 when I first read Creating Customer Evangelists. Over the years I’ve come to know Jackie as much more than a colleague, but as a good friend. A few years ago she started talking about the marketing genius of Lady Gaga. I was skeptical but I kept an open mind as Jackie began telling me everything Lady Gaga did to become this generation’s Madonna.

Jackie first shared her appreciation for Lady Gaga’s marketing skills in a blog post from February 2010. At that time, Jackie was a principal at Ant’s Eye View (now part of PWC) and knee deep in enterprise consulting work. Her Loyalty Lessons from Lady Gaga blog post began to receive a lot of attention and Jackie’s infatuation with Lady Gaga grew.

In early 2012, Jackie had reestablished herself as an independent marketing consultant but couldn’t shake loose her attachment to Lady Gaga as a marketing genius. She had gathered enough material to write a book sharing how big and small businesses can benefit from what Lady Gaga did to sell over 23-million albums and rake in hundreds of millions of dollars from touring the world. However, Jackie, having co-authored two marketing books, couldn’t envision herself being a solo author.

Jackie faced what Steven Pressfield describes as RESISTANCE in his masterful book, THE WAR OF ART. Pressfield writes, “The more important a call or action is to our soul’s evolution, the more Resistance we will feel toward pursuing it.”

Jackie faced an avalanche of internal resistance to turn her blog post into a book. That resistance ultimately propelled Jackie to write the book without having a strategy to get it published. Her plan was to write it and then figure out how best to publish it. To overcome resistance, Jackie started writing.

Months past and Jackie wrote a little every day and tapped into her network of friends to help with all aspects of the book from proofreading to publicity. She worked with biz book geek Todd Sattersten on shaping the content and together, they devised an ingenious plan to self-publish the book. By November 2012, the book was done, self-published and soft-launched at a WOMMA Conference with a keynote presentation.

Soon after the soft-launch, top-notch business book publisher Portfolio caught wind of this book sharing marketing lessons from Lady Gaga. Portfolio loved the book and Jackie’s self-publishing plans went away as she was offered a major league business book deal.

Last week, Portfolio published MONSTER LOYALTY: How Lady Gaga Turns Followers into Fanatics. Jackie Huba celebrated its publication with a book launch party in Austin, TX and for the foreseeable future, Jackie will be very busy with new consulting projects and corporate speaking gigs based upon her Lady Gaga infatuation.

The lesson here is simple… Don’t allow resistance to win. Follow-through on what matters most to you. To overcome resistance, start anywhere. Stop doing nothing and start doing something, dig?

Jackie overcame resistance by forcing herself to write. Because of her follow-through, Jackie is now primed to enter the next phase of her career. Kudos to you Lady Huba.

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