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The Best Social Network


Ekaterina Walter has social media chops. She spent years as a social media strategist with Intel and as a Word of Mouth Marketing Association board member. Currently Ekaterina is the CMO at Branderati, an agency that spends a lot of its time designing social media influencer programs.

She has strong views on social media but her view on what’s the best social media network is her strongest yet.

In a recent Forbes article, Ekaterina Walter writes:

”Being known as an early adopter and practitioner of social media strategies and tactics usually means you constantly get asked this question: ‘What is your favorite social network?’

My answer never wavers: ‘A table and two chairs.’

Which is sometimes followed by: ‘A’ No. A physical table with real chairs – a space where you can actually connect with human beings face-to-face – the only way to truly get to know each other and establish a meaningful connection.”


A few years ago I was on a panel at a conference where a social media expert asked us how businesses can get closer to customers. Everyone on the panel said something about leveraging Facebook and Twitter to engage with customers on a deeper, more meaningful level.

As I fought back the vomit ascending up my throat I interjected, “How about picking up the phone? How about actually talking with customers voice-to-voice and better yet, face-to-face?”

That’s why I love Ekaterina’s point of view when she says:

“We need to stop hoping that technologies will perform miracles for us! If you want to build your network, if you want to find people you have common passions with, if you want to grow your business – you HAVE to get out there and meet people! No more excuses! No more hopes that Twitter or Facebook or LinkedIn will do it for you!

So step away from the keyboard! Set up lunch with people you want to know better. Go see your current or prospective clients face-to-face on a regular basis.”

It’s worth spending a few minutes today reading Ekaterina’s perspective on what why the best social media network is A Table and Two Chairs.


  • Jacob Hurwith says:

    It will always be the best way to interact and learn about people. Same goes for real networking.

  • Mack Collier says:

    Why do I get the feeling I know what ‘conference’ you are talking about? 😉

    Here’s the question I never see asked in any of these debates on which is better, Online or Offline:

    Which way does the customer prefer?

    If you are trying to have a sit-down with the customer and the customer would rather interact with you on Twitter, are you really having an effective interaction with the customer from the customer’s point of view? Likewise if you are trying to solve their problem on Facebook when the customer would rather talk to you on the phone, then you truly aren’t giving the customer the experience they want.

    It’s not about deciding which is better, it’s about deciding which is better for the customer. Or at least it should be.

  • johnmoore says:

    Mack… when it comes to resolving a customer service issue, a company should definitely connect with customers in whatever way the customer prefers.

    We each have our own favorite “social network” for whatever reason we want/need to connect with people/businesses. The “social network” I prefer has been around for eons, a table and two chairs. That “social network” is sure to endure as long as humans endure.

  • Allenny says:

    Ohh I loved what she said! Yes, social networks are not magic and we shouldn’t forget that the basis, the real thing is talking to people, meeting them, facing them, and not pushing promotion as much as you can. Actually that’s why I like local networks (nextdoor, over the big ones- it’s more personal, you talk there with people you actually meet once in a while- it’s more a communication tool for real people and relationships and not another dimension almost detached from reality