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Starbucks, we have a problem.

see update below…

I know Starbucks Coffee is now just Starbucks.
I know Starbucks sells more than just coffee.
I know Starbucks wants to promote Fizzio.
I know Starbucks wants to also promote Oprah Chai.

What I don’t know is why a core product is missing from Starbucks new menu boards.


Company culture and brand heritage still matter.

Psst, Starbucks… by not saying you sell your core product of brewed coffee on the menu, it says something.

UPDATE (Wed. Jun 26 @ 3:25pm eastern):
I just heard from a reliable source inside Starbucks that an “error in the menu art” occurred and the omission of brewed coffee was “not deliberate.”

Whoa! That’s a spendy error.

New menu boards with “Brewed Coffee” options will be sent to all Fizzio stores, which include locations in Hawaii, Southern California, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, Florida, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, Nevada and Utah.

UPDATE (Thur. July 10 @ 4:30pm eastern):
Here is the updated menu board that rightly lists BREWED COFFEE.



  • Matt Soreco says:

    Very odd. But I’ve always noticed that their coffee selection was hard to spot even when it was listed. Back when I was a Starbucks rookie, full of anxiety of ordering in the wrong vernacular, I’d peek at the menu to get the size and blend correct. I remember always having to look over the menu a few times just to find the COFFEE.

  • johnmoore says:

    Matt… “menu creep” is definitely an issue at Starbucks. The continuous drive to increase year-over-year sales cause new products to be launched to goose sales. It’s a difficult ride to manage. If a business like Starbucks doesn’t keep adding new and innovative products then it risks being stagnant in more ways than just sales. To your point, all the newness relegates the tried/true offering of COFFEE to being an afterthought on the menu boards.

  • Paul (from Idea Sandbox) says:

    Trying to find core products on busy, promotional-focused menus is a problem at many fast food restaurants.

    That’s a bummer… As an old-school Starbuckian, I should never have the opportunity to compare Starbucks to McDonald’s and Wendy’s.