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Talking Word of Mouth Marketing

Jay Ehret is relentless in teaching small businesses how to get the most out of their marketing. He’s been blogging and podcasting about it for years and he’s also been a good friend over the years.

Recently Jay started a new podcast series, The Marketing Plan Podcast. His goal with this podcast series is to share practical advice to help businesses develop smarter, more effective marketing plans.


One episode has Jay guiding listeners on how to craft the story of your brand. Another episode has Jay talking with Luke Sullivan, author of HEY WHIPPLE, SQUEEZE THIS!, about effective marketing messages. All really good stuff.

Jay invited me to talk about Word of Mouth Marketing in episode #9. For this, I shared three ways a brand can become talkable by being Original, Informational and Cultural. Enjoy the show…


Talkable brands are Original
The more obvious you are, the more talkable you become. Being obvious is about expressing a company’s unique personality, not just for one day, but every day a business is in business.

Talkable brands are Informational
For word of mouth to happen, someone needs to gain some knowledge from either personal experience, or through conversations, or directly from the brand. The best way to deliver word of mouth information is through stories. Three enduring stories brand can use to spark word of mouth are: (1) Improve a Live, (2) Right a Wrong, and (3) Make Good Better.

Talkable brands are Cultural
Company culture starts with your people. It’s people who will make your brand talkable. Competitors can replicate your product, your programs, your services, but they can never replicate your people delivering your product, programs and services.

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