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People, not Products. Information, not Data.

I recently stumbled upon what can best be described as a “Master Class” session on building a people-first business. It’s an interview with Howard Behar, a highly influential and long-ago Starbucks executive.

During this interview at the 2015 Foodservice Technology Conference Trade Show, Behar shares fundamental business beliefs of what made Starbucks the beloved business it has become.

The fundamental beliefs are all about caring for people, both customers and employees. After all, it’s people who buy products and people who sell products. It’s people who fuel the engine of business.

When you watch the following six-minute interview snippet, listen carefully when Howard Behar shares the following perspectives and allow it to shape how you go about doing and being in business.

People, not Products.

The entrepreneur thinks their business is about the product or service they are selling. As soon as they hire one person, it becomes about people and people serving people.” — Howard Behar

Information, not Data.

We think we have to have data to make a decision. We don’t. We have to have information to make a decision. The best information still comes from one-on-one conversations.— Howard Behar

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