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Friction ain’t Fiction

FRICTION: Passion Brands in the Age of Disruption is a just-published book from Jeff Rosenblom and Jordan Berg. If you believe brands have the responsibility to make more than just money then FRICTION is worth a riffle.

It’s Lovemarks meets Purple Cow.

Lovemarks taught us that making emotional connections with people leads to fostering brand loyalty beyond reason. Purple Cow taught us that remarkable products make deeper, more meaningful connections with people than does (meaningless) advertising.

FRICTION teaches us that brands find lasting success when they can remove barriers preventing people from becoming a better version of themselves.

The authors explain that fighting friction can be about helping people prepare healthier and tastier meals (Blue Apron) and about empowering people gain control of their money (TurboTax). And, it’s about creating “content and experiences that are so powerful people go out of their way to participate in them and then share them with others.”

FRICTION will inspire you to use empathy as a strategic driver when designing your next marketing program that doesn’t just sell a product but rather, shows how a product will enhance one’s life.

Click below to read a snippet:

Disclosure: I buy lots of business books but this one was given to me from a book publicity firm.

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