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John Moore takes his job seriously, himself lightly.

His serious business side is shaped from being a long-time marketing manager with Starbucks and later as director of national marketing with Whole Foods. John’s consultancy, the Brand Autopsy Marketing Practice, works with organizations that are driven by purpose not just profits.

Along the way of work life, John has authored a trio of business books. TRIBAL KNOWLEDGE (Kaplan, 2006), a business management book sharing insider lessons from Starbucks glory days. TOUGH LOVE (ChangeThis, 2010), a business book masquerading as a screenplay. THE PASSION CONVERSATION (Wiley, 2013), a co-authored book showing how businesses can benefit from getting personal with customers.

His Brand Autopsy blog has been sharing hot marketing opinions long before social media became ubiquitous. To boot, he travels the world speaking to marketers on a range of topics, including purposeful growth strategies and how to build a captivating brand.

John’s lighthearted side involves beer and music. He treats beer like others treat wine. (He maintains a beer cellar. Seriously, he does.) He is also deep into funk music. (Think Sly Stone, Gil Scott-Heron, Meters, and anything that is “on the one.”)

John resides in Greenville, SC.

PHONE: 512.633.4086

Twitter: @BrandAutopsy
LinkedIn: John Moore profile