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Business wisdom and practical marketing advice in books that are fun to read.

THE PASSION CONVERSATION: Understanding, Sparking, Sustaining Word of Mouth Marketing

Passion is a circular relationship. It drives customers to fall in love with brands and it drives brands to fall in love with customers. Drawing from the latest academic research and from real world case stories, The Passion Conversation explores the reasons why people are inspired to share their love for brands. It also gives businesses pinpoint advice for how to show love to customers in order to benefit from the passion conversation. BUY TODAY

Tough Love

TOUGH LOVE: Scripting the Drive, Drama, and Decline of Galaxy Coffee

A screenplay masquerading as a business book. Injected throughout the storyline are breakout business lessons and thought-provoking business advice. Tough Love is entertaining, insightful, and tactical—both the format and the content inspires readers to think and act in positive ways to address universal business issues.

Tribal Knowledge

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TRIBAL KNOWLEDGE: Business Wisdom Brewed from the Grounds of Starbucks Corporate Culture

John Moore, a former longtime Starbucks marketer, shares insider information on the processes, programs, and products that have made Starbucks a remarkable business success.

Conversational and easy to read, Tribal Knowledge is organized around 47 lessons with strategies and methods that can help entrepreneurs, small business owners, and mid-level business professionals achieve greater results.

Readers will learn many of the endearing and enduring principles Starbucks follows, including: Building the Business Creates the BrandActions Speak Louder Than AdvertisingBe Nice. Be CleanThe Employee Experience MattersPractice Passionate Followership.

The weathered truths shared in Tribal Knowledge range from pithy quotes spoken by Starbucks executives to ‘a-ha moments’ from successful and failed projects. And when added together, these tribal knowledge nuggets express the learnings and traditions of Starbucks.