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In late October I spoke to a roomful of restaurant marketers and shared a little known story about Whole Foods Market. This story has become a Whole Foods company campfire tale and for good reason… it’s a story that helped to shape the culture of the company in its early days.

I know Starbucks Coffee is now just Starbucks. I know Starbucks sells more than just coffee. But…

The Talkable Brand Video Series from 2012 shared oodles upon oodles of ways a brand can spark and sustain word of mouth marketing. Here are four faves of mine from the series.

Creating Category Intrigue Builds Brand Intrigue

It sounds counterintuitive to promote the category before the brand but, as marketing consultants Al and Laura Ries point out in The 22 Immutable Laws of Branding, “Customers don’t care about new brands, they care about new categories.”

What Great Brands Do

Every great brand defines its brand as its business. It puts its brand at the core of its business and goes to great lengths to make sure there is no daylight between managing the brand and managing the business.

Are Taglines Important?

Over on the CrackerJack Marketer site, Paul Williams and I have been giving our perspectives on important marketing matters like Brand Style Guides and What Matters Most to Consumers: Brand, Price, Convenience, or Something Else? We’ve also tackled taglines by

No decision is too small to sweat for Apple. We see that in the design of their products and in the design of their retail stores. Apple’s attention to the smallest of details is similar to Disney’s attention to small details in all its theme parks. Which is interesting because “… more people now visit Apple’s 326 stores in a single quarter than the 60 million who visited Walt Disney Co.’s four biggest theme parks last year

Most every marketer who has worked on creating ads, signage, and anything else promoting their business knows the Logo Test. It’s a simple test to determine if the marketing piece you’re working on uniquely communicates your business or brand. To

The Wall Street Journal recently ran a profile on Restoration Hardware and its reemergence as a great brand. Much of the article centered around the design and management style of Gary Friedman, Restoration Hardware ceo and chairman. “Great brands don’t

The Brand Autopsy Archive Project 1,400 posts since December of 2003. That’s a lot of HMOs (hot marketing opinions) served up on the Brand Autopsy blog. For this week, we’re going to revisit five vintage posts from the Brand Autopsy