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Read Obituaries

Charles Wheelan’s advice to new college graduates is refreshingly honest, given the “over-optimistic words of the typical commencement address.”

His advice on what success really looks like is to: READ OBITUARIES.

Bad Apple Behavior

Can one person in a workplace ruin a workplace? In other words, can one bad apple spoil the whole bunch? That’s the question Dr. Will Felps, Rotterdam Business School professor, sought to answer. His findings were published under the title

Consider peeping the July issue of ARCHITECT magazine. The magazine asked five architect design firms to envision the rebirth of Starbucks. Interesting results … lots of daydreaming esoteric fodder for design-types. The regular marketing-type in me likes the Modular Community

Nick Morgan on Better Presentations

Not sure who pointed me to this interview with Nick Morgan, but I’m glad they did. Nick is a communication and speech coach and his book, GIVE A SPEECH, CHANGE THE WORLD is a must-read for all us business folk

Some might consider the product category of fire extinguishers as being boring. Sure, the fire extinguisher category is HIGHLY important, but it ain’t a sexy product category. Or is it? The Home Hero Fire Extinguisher looks anything but dull. It’s

Visual Vampires

Did you see the Brandweek story about Visual Vampires? Visual vampires are images shown in advertising that divert attention away from the advertised product. Think … Wendy’s Red Wig … Robert Goulet/Emerald Nuts … Paris Hilton/Carl’s Jr.. (Think 100% Creationist

In 2004, the New York Times dissected the Bush/Cheney and Kerry/Edwards presidential logos. With the 2008 Presidential Race heating up, the New York Times has dissected the campaign logos of the front-running candidates. Click the image below for a sampling

Getting a UPC Barcode

Haven’t you wondered where the UPC barcodes we see in products come from? I have and thanks to Kelly Spors of the Wall Street Journal, I now know the process for getting a UPC Code. [ARTICLE LINK] Universal Product Codes

According to Communications Consulting Worldwide (CCW), if Wal-Mart were to have the brand reputation of Target, then its stock price would increase 4.9% and its market capitalization would increase by $9.7 billion. CCW also estimates that if drugstore chain CVS

Today’s NY Times shares fascinating insights into the Wal-Mart brand from a leaked brand analysis report. (Access the article from the site or from here.) The report was conducted by Wal-Mart’s then agency-of-record, GSD&M, and according to the NY