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Keep Your Marketing Authentic

Starbucks marketers use a six-point unwritten code to ensure the marketing programs they create and implement are authentic, that they’re staying on message and on brand, and that they tell the story of what makes the product they are promoting Starbucks-worthy.

It was October of 1994, twenty years ago, when the trajectory of my life changed.

I know Starbucks Coffee is now just Starbucks. I know Starbucks sells more than just coffee. But…

Anatomy of a Starbucks Customer Experience Program

The following story is real. It was implemented in the Summer of 2001 in all North American Starbucks stores and was widely credited as a hallmark customer interaction program that is still talked about today as an example of a great customer experience program.

If Starbucks was able to do for tea what it did for coffee, then TAZO should have become Teavana. Instead, Starbucks is buying Teavana.

Revisiting My Starbucks Idea

Starbucks claims to have listened to and launched 185 ideas from customers. Much like the original list of 53 ideas, Starbucks is taking far too much credit for implementing customer-driven ideas.

ONWARD|Howard Schultz

NOTE: To understand my Starbucks bias, scroll to read my disclosure statement. I can’t recommend Howard Schultz’s book, ONWARD: How Starbucks fought for Its Life without Losing Its Soul, to every business book reader. I can only recommend Howard book

TOUGH LOVE|a Business Book screenplay

My new business book is now published. It’s an ebook called, TOUGH LOVE: Scripting the Drive, Drama, and Decline of Galaxy Coffee. Wait. It’s not really a book and its more than an ebook. TOUGH LOVE is actually a screenplay

Tough Love For Starbucks

It’s been almost two years since Starbucks jumped into the deep waters of social media with their program. This is a website where customers submit and discuss ideas on ways Starbucks can improve its business. Over 80,000 ideas have

A Starbucks location once destined for closure has re-emerged as 15th Ave. Coffee & Tea. No Starbucks logo. No venti-sized cups. No sassy promotional signage. No automated espresso machines. The location is designed to look, feel, and act not like