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John Moore speaks from the heart and has a genuine passion for sharing ideas.

With every presentation, John strives to leave attendees a little smarter and a lot more inspired to make things happen at work. He’s addressed audiences from Chicago to Copenhagen to Cape Town to Charlotte, bringing an excitement and sense of innovation to companies and conferences.

John’s presentations range from 30-minutes to 90-minutes and he travels from Greenville, SC. For fees and inquiries, contact Bill Hallock at Keppler Speakers (703.516.4000).

Current Presentation Topics

The Passion Conversation

Passion is a circular relationship. It drives customers to fall in love with brands and it drives brands to fall in love with customers. Drawing from the latest academic research and from a career working in the marketing trenches, brand strategist John Moore explores the reasons why people are inspired to share their love for brands. John also gives businesses pinpoint advice for how to show love to customers in order to benefit from the passion conversation. This presentation is based upon ideas, concepts, and stories shared in the business book, THE PASSION CONVERSATION.

The Bigness of Smallness

The smaller a business is, the bigger it must look. Conversely, the bigger a business is, the smaller it must get. This paradox of growth serves as the foundation for John’s playful and informative presentation on how businesses can get bigger by acting smaller. Using examples of established brands and emerging brands, John guides his audiences through actionable methods for how small businesses can thrive in a crowded marketplace and how big businesses can continue growing when faced with upstart competition. Expect a fun, fast-paced, and thought-provoking presentation.

Business Success through Everyday Innovation

Innovation is daunting for most businesses. The elusive search for the ONE BIG IDEA to drive continuous growth puts businesses on a never-ending journey to predict the future. John dispels this belief by explaining how being visionary is not predicting the future, but rather, reacting to the present. Drawing from his marketing experience at Starbucks Coffee and Whole Foods Market, John shows how a steady stream of small, everyday ideas result in lasting business success.

Espresso Shots of Business Wisdom

Just like an espresso shot will kickstart your morning, John Moore, a former long-time Starbucks marketer, will kickstart your business thinking. He will begin by upending how you view “branding” because, as he explains, the greatest brands never begin with the intention of being a great brand. Additionally you’ll gain a new appreciation into the importance of astonishing employees to astonish customers. And, you’ll learn that to achieve lasting success, a business must experience failures along the way. John’s timeless and actionable business advice shared in this presentation will help reinvigorate businesses to survive and grow in any economic climate.

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