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The Patagonia Way to Customer Loyalty

Patagonia is a revered brand not only for its products, but also for its purpose-driven environmental ways. The brand has cultivated a deeply loyal following. Craig Wilson spent eight years at Patagonia in various upper-level marketing roles and shares his perspective on the Patagonia loyalty model in the just-published book, The Compass and the Nail.

Doritos X-13D

Eric Ryan, co-founder of Method cleaning products, has been quoted as saying … “There is no such thing as dull product categories, only dull products.” Think the potato chip category is boring? Think again … photos from flickr Just when

UPDATED (April 5th): The Wine That Loves website is now online. And, BusinessWeek (SmallBiz edition) has an interesting piece on Wine That Loves. For many of us, it’s intimidating to buy wine. Why? Come on, we know the reasons why.

Pop Art Stores

We’ve seen Pop-Up Retail stores from Target, JC Penny, and Song (to name just three). And now we have POP-ART Retail storefronts. Last fall, Prada, bastions of high-end Italian couture, installed a retail storefront in Marfa, the epicenter of the

4 out of 5 marketers agree, Tooth Tunes, a musical toothbrush from Hasbro, is a case study example of spending marketing dollars to make a product better. “When pressed to the tooth, [Tooth Tunes] renders a recorded riff from a

Making the Common Uncommon

Remarkable businesses make the common uncommon. For example, Starbucks has made the common cup of coffee uncommon. Whole Foods Market took the common grocery shopping experience and made it uncommon. Mini has made the common ‘compact’ car uncommon. And now,Which