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Keep Your Marketing Authentic

Starbucks marketers use a six-point unwritten code to ensure the marketing programs they create and implement are authentic, that they’re staying on message and on brand, and that they tell the story of what makes the product they are promoting Starbucks-worthy.

A Goliath Can Become a David Again

If your business is caught in the strategic crosshairs of needing to get bigger but remain smaller, the following excerpt from TRIBAL KNOWLEDGE might provide you with boardroom fodder.

Creating Category Intrigue Builds Brand Intrigue

It sounds counterintuitive to promote the category before the brand but, as marketing consultants Al and Laura Ries point out in The 22 Immutable Laws of Branding, “Customers don’t care about new brands, they care about new categories.”

From Seth we learn of Manu’s take on the organizational charts of Apple, Oracle, Facebook, Amazon, Google, and Microsoft. Fun and bitingly smart doodles. Organization charts are important. But too many of them lose focus on who the real boss

Recently, I had the pleasure of speaking to students in the Master in Innovation and Technological Entrepreneurship department of Tecnológico de Monterrey (Mexico). Students enrolled in this one-year intensive program are given the knowledge, the guidance, and the motivation to

No More Starbucks Gold

Lots of chatter online about the revamped Starbucks “rewards” program. Starbucks will discontinue its Gold Card program it began a year ago. The Starbucks Gold Card program was designed like many membership rewards program where customers pay a yearly $25


I had it to coming to me. Someone spoofed my Marketing Masterpiece Theatre series of dramatic readings from influential business books. That someone is Jay Ehret from The Marketing Spot. Assuming the pompous persona of Sir Stamford Albert Winchester II,

(It’s nice to know my two-year old book still has some legs.) Just got off the phone with a journalist writing a story about some of the marketing lessons I share in TRIBAL KNOWLEDGE. The journalist put together some tasty

If you can read Japanese then you can read my book. Order it from

Hey everyone … I’m easing back into the blogging world following a two-week respite. Skyon filled in nicely with some provocative posts. (For those grooving to what Skyon was sharing — don’t fret — he’s sure to be back.) While