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The Stuttering Presenter

For too many years, stuttering stifled my voice and stunted my growth. It wasn’t until I reached a very low point in my life that I decided stuttering wasn’t going to manage me. Instead, I was going to manage my stuttering. Meaning, I wasn’t going to allow the shame and guilt of stuttering to silence my voice. I was going to use every tool I had learned to minimize my disfluency and actively seek opportunities to speak, even if I stuttered. It was simple. For me to stop stuttering, I had to start talking.

Fluent Talk on Stuttering

The following is a homespun reenactment of an “Ignite Talk” I gave recently in Austin, TX. Cameras were rolling at the event; however, the video will not be posted online for weeks. So … I’ve recorded a video of my

Brand Autopsy Horrible Logo

THE OFFER was too irresistible to ignore. Spend $5 and receive a “logo that is guaranteed to suck.” I did it. And received a horribly sucky logo. I’m not the only one who spent some scratch to get a sketchy