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In late October I spoke to a roomful of restaurant marketers and shared a little known story about Whole Foods Market. This story has become a Whole Foods company campfire tale and for good reason… it’s a story that helped to shape the culture of the company in its early days.

There’s been much hullabaloo surrounding the FTC blocking the proposed merger between Whole Foods and Wild Oats. The FTC believes this merger will concentrate too much of the country’s natural/organic supermarkets in the hands of one retailer. And because of

*** This is a long post (1,250+ words). You’ve been warned. *** Before I express my thoughts on implications resulting from the Whole Foods/Wild Oats merger, I need to clearly express my position on the merger. As a former marketer

“Chainsaw John Mackey”

In Whole Foods Market lore, there’s a company campfire store about John Mackey sending the original founder/CEO of Wild Oats the board game RISK along with a feisty note. Given their recent merger announcement, it seems apropos to share this

WHAT HAPPENED: Whole Foods Market acquired is largest competitor, Wild Oats, for $565 million along with assuming Wild Oats’ existing net debt of $106 million. When the deal closes, Whole Foods will operate more than 300 locations in 31 states

There’s an interesting interview in today’s Wall Street Journal with Whole Foods Market’s CEO, John Mackey (sub. req’d). Some turbulence has hit Whole Foods Market (WFM) with its stock price plummeting last month after the company informed Wall Street to

An article in the October 24th issue of BusinessWeek takes a somewhat critical look at Whole Foods Market (WFM). It questions whether or not the company can sustain its sales gains, ambitious new store growth plans, and its cachet with

“Whole Foods is more like a fast-breaking basketball team. We’re driving down the court, but we don’t exactly know how the play is going to evolve.” — John Mackey, Point Guard forWHOLE FOODS MARKET Ya know … as a former